Leaders With Vision Perspective Series: Recovery School District Tax Dollars

Leaders with Vision request that you Save the Date:  September 19, 2013

for the Lunch With Leaders.  The topic is:
Recovery School district – It’s your Tax Dollars
What is the future for your child’s school?


Belinda Davis, PTA President/Parent

Craig Freeman, EBR School Board Member

Tom Aswell,  Independent Investigative Journalist/LA Voice Blogger

Dana Peterson, Deputy Superintendent of External Affairs

To provide a forum balanced from all points of view for the audience, Leaders With Vision invited a representative from each of the following groups: 
BESE Board: Chas Roemer (declined), Chair and/or Elected Members: Holley Boffy (declined), Kira Orange Jones, Carolyn Hill, Lottie Beebe and representation from the LA School Board Association.

Jean Armstrong C.P.C, C.E.D,

225/927-2255, Leaders With Vision, Inc.
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